New Developments in the City of South Perth

Media Response 12 March 2015
South Perth Station Precinct
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

How many apartments are there within the city boundaries?

There are many locations within the City of South Perth where new apartments or flats have been built, most of which are within the suburbs of South Perth and Como. 

How have the apartments and units changed over the years?
The original ‘walk up’ style flats have always been popular in South Perth, however the trend is now moving towards high-end luxury apartments. The apartments that are currently being proposed and developed in the Station Precinct vary in size with many one and two bedroom apartments, in addition to a small number of luxury penthouses.

Other contemporary design improvements include better light and ventilation in developments, larger balconies, improved and varied communal facilities and more environmentally sustainable buildings with energy efficient features.

Who is buying them?
The City has not sought this information from the sales agents. 

How is the City handling the changing landscape in terms of the new apartments popping up?
The City’s Town Planning Scheme is designed to allow buildings with greater height in the South Perth Station Precinct (Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 25).  The precinct is approximately 2 kilometers outside the City of Perth and the current development proposals reflect this proximity with high quality urban designs.

What was the case put to the State Government about the need for a South Perth Train Station and where is that currently up to? 
The Perth to Mandurah railway line was constructed some 10 years ago. At this time, the Kwinana Freeway was straightened around Richardson Street, South Perth to accommodate the proposed railway station.

Architects were appointed by the Public Transport Authority (PTA) to design concepts for the station design, however successive governments have not allocated funding to allow the station to be built. 

South Perth Station Precinct sets the foundation for substantial growth in the area. Increased mixed-use development, with residential and commercial opportunities, will cause the area to undergo significant growth in the coming years. With increased development potential around the proposed train station site, a train service would allow for increasing numbers of residents, workers and visitors to enter the area.

Providing a rail travel option would facilitate and encourage the use of public transport, resulting in reduced traffic congestion and environmental impacts such as pollution by greenhouse gases and noise pollution. Overall, it would be better for the heath and wellbeing of the City’s residents.

The City’s ‘Business Case’ proposal was intended to be a catalyst towards funding for the station to bring forward a commitment to construction.  After the City sent the Business Case proposition to the State Government on 5 March 2013, former Transport Minister, Troy Buswell advised that the matter had been referred to the Department of Transport for their attention. In a letter dated 4 April 2013, the PTA advised they would review the Business Case outcomes before making a recommendation to the Minister.  

The City’s CEO, Cliff Frewing wrote to Minister Buswell again on 7 August 2013 outlining the actions implemented by the City and sought advice on whether the Council should commence action towards an Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) Amendment for the affected corner of Richardson Park; also seeking a guarantee that the proceeds from the sale of that land would be used solely towards construction of the train station.

The topic has been raised with representatives of the Government repeatedly since then but no commitment has been made to progress the provision of a railway station to date.

What hopes do South Perth have of success and when?
The timing is in the hands of the State Government.

Is South Perth quickly becoming Perth's second CBD?

South Perth Station Precinct has excellent amenities and scenery.  The precinct has the zoo, river frontage, parks and reserves that provide a large area of space and openness that have an urban feel, without being a “CBD”.  

The development of the precinct will result in more homes and businesses being built, creating vitality and interest and attracting many more residents and workers to the area. This will strengthen the City’s economy and support South Perth as an independent socially, economically and environmentally sustainable local government. 

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