Thank you South Perth

Mayor's Diary 10 February 2015
The amalgamation of the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park will not go ahead after the majority of electors in the City’s poll voted a resounding ‘NO’ to the proposed amalgamation on Saturday 7 February 2015. 

The poll outcome reflects the passion and strong community spirit that has galvanised people to stand up for what they want for the future of South Perth. 

The City ran a campaign encouraging electors to vote and have their say on the proposed amalgamation, which included placing large banners and advertising materials throughout the community.  

In addition, Council provided residents and ratepayers with information on the advantages and disadvantages of amalgamation, so electors could make an informed decision. This was communicated through a brochure distributed to all households in the City during January 2015.  

The South Perth community also ran a successful grassroots campaign in opposition of amalgamation spearheaded by community activist Cecilia Brooke with no financial support from the City.

To everyone who voted, a big THANK YOU. The community have spoken and now it is time for the State Government to listen. Our residents are clearly not convinced of the benefits of amalgamation and want us to stay as we are.

More information on the poll outcome can be found on the City's Local Government Reform webpage.

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