Poll provisions triggered in the City of South Perth

Mayor's Diary 21 November 2014
Supreme Court Hearing

On Tuesday 25 November 2014, the Hon. Chief Justice Wayne will be hearing the legal action of which the City of South Perth is a part of in the Supreme Court Building, Perth.

Poll provisions triggered 

A petition generated by the community group ‘City of South Perth Residents’ Association’ gathered 411 signatures and was presented on the steps of Parliament on Tuesday 18 November.  The petition will be given to the Minister for Local Government, Tony Simpson, which will result in a poll in the City of South Perth.  Residents will now be able to exercise their democratic right on the proposed amalgamation of the City with the Town of Victoria Park.  The City expects to receive formal notification of a poll taking place following the closing date for requests on 5 December 2014. 

At the Special Council Meeting held on 4 November 2014, Council agreed in principle for the WA Electoral Commission (WAEC) to carry out a postal vote and authorised the City to write to the Electoral Commissioner seeking agreement to conduct a poll in the event one is triggered.  This action will now be implemented by the City’s Administration.

Once I have more details of the timeline for the poll the information will be posted either via the City’s update on Reform or through my Diary. 

City of Canning Town Hall Meeting

On Wednesday evening I attended a Town Hall Meeting at the City of Canning where over 200 emotional residents questioned and challenged Chair of Commissioners, Steven Cole as to why the City of Canning was being abolished and why they could not have their say through a poll.  The State Government has determined that the City of Canning will be divided up and absorbed into the City of Gosnells, City of Melville, City of Belmont and the City of South Perth/Town of Victoria Park.  Unlike the residents of South Perth, the residents of the Canning are unable to call a poll because the changes will be carried out through boundary adjustments – not an amalgamation.  They wanted to have their say on the recommendation that City of Canning would no longer exist as it would be abolished. Another area of major concern was uncertainty in relation to the continuation of services such as disability and aged care services; services that are highly valued by Canning residents.  

It is anticipated South Perth will be meeting with Canning in the following weeks to discuss these issues and the transition of the part of Canning being absorbed by the new City of South Park entity. 

Media contact

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