Update on Local Government Reform following further briefing from Minister Simpson this week

Mayor's Diary 31 October 2014
Last week I circulated information to those residents I had on an email database advising of the Minister’s response to the Local Government Advisory Board’s (LGAB) recommendations for metropolitan local government reform.  I indicated there was going to be a follow-up meeting providing more detailed information with the Minister this week, this took place on Wednesday 29th October.

Rather than send updates to those on the database, I have decided to provide this information on the City’s website via the Mayor’s Diary.  I hope this will enable more members of the community to keep abreast of happenings on the local government reform front from the elected member perspective.  

The key points I took from the Minister’s follow-up meeting were:

Funding for the reform process

The Minister announced no additional funding will be made available, which means there is still only $60m for 12 new Councils - $5m each financial year from 2014/15 (for three years) and $45m in low interest loans.

The City has been let down yet again by the Minister announcing there would be no increase in the total funding allocated for Local Government Reform (LGR).  Our community will now pay the price for the implementation of State Government policy through an increase in their rates and reduction in service delivery.

The WA Local Government Association (WALGA) issued a statement saying the State Government should be held responsible if the community ends up wearing the cost of metropolitan Council reform.

Information about the poll provisions

The Minister announced an advertisement is to be published by the Local Government Advisory Board on Wednesday 5 November in the West Australian, which advises electors that they have the right to request a poll.  Electors then have 28 days from the date of publication to complete the required form to request a poll. 

The form must be signed by 250 or 10 per cent (whichever is the lesser) of electors of one of the districts affected by the recommendation. Only valid electors of the district can include their names on the request form and they have to provide their name, address, signature and the date.

Further information can be found on the City’s website.

Interim name City of South Park 

The City of South Perth Council submitted ‘City of South Park’ as the proposed name of the new local government entity to the LGAB – a combined City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park. The Town of Victoria Park Council submitted ‘South Bank City Council’. The Minister announced the new district be named the ‘City of South Park’ and designated as a City.  Once the new Council is in place in October 2015, it can decide to consult the community on a new name.

Special Council Meeting – Tuesday 4 November

**Correction to date of Special Council Meeting**

The Special Council Meeting on Local Government Reform will take place at the City of South Perth on Tuesday 4 November at 5.30pm.

One of the Items for discussion on the Agenda includes current Supreme Court Action.

Media contact

For media enquiries, please contact the City’s Communications Officer.