The Minister's announcement on Local Government Reform

Mayor's Diary 22 October 2014
This morning the City of South Perth, CEO Mr Cliff Frewing and myself attended a briefing held by the Premier Colin Barnett and Local Government Minister Tony Simpson, where the Minister has announced his response to the Local Government Advisory Board’s (LGAB) recommendations for metropolitan local government reform. 

For the City of South Perth this is as follows:

That the current districts of the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park both be abolished.
That a new district be declared comprising the former district of the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park (an amalgamation).
That the boundaries of the new district include that part of the City of Canning north-west of Leach Highway, and that part of the City of Belmont known as Balbuk Reserve located on the eastern part of the Burswood Peninsula.
That the new district be named the ‘City of South Park’ and designated as a City.
That the number of Councillors on the Council for the new local government of the City of South Park be 12. 
A follow-up briefing by the Minister is being planned for next week to provide more detailed information for local governments.  

This is a great result for the City, in that the community will be able to have their say through poll provisions.  

Poll provisions 

As an amalgamation is being proposed for the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park, the provisions in the Local Government Act for a poll are now available to the electors of our communities.  In the coming days, or weeks, the Local Government Advisory Board will ‘give notice’ to affected local governments and electors affected by amalgamation proposals and advise them of the process to request a poll.  Electors may then request a poll on a recommended amalgamation.  A request must be made to the Minister within one month of notice being given, and must be signed by at least 250 people. 

I anticipate that it is likely that such a request will be submitted to the Minister by electors from the City of South Perth.  Should this occur, the LGAB will provide the community with information on the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal at the time that voting papers are circulated to residents.  

A likely timeframe is as follows: 

Minister’s announcement 22 October 2014
Notice from the LGAB to Local Governments and affected electors End of October 2014
Date by which a poll must be requested End of November 2014
Poll held Late January 2015
Governor’s Orders issued February 2015

Special Council Meeting 

A Special Council Meeting for Monday 3 Tuesday 4 November 2014 is proposed to discuss with Council the Minister’s announcement, and to seek direction with regard to the City’s current legal action, the role that the Council may wish to have in a poll, and the next stages of the Reform Program.  

Media contact

For media enquiries, please contact the City’s Communications Officer.