South Perth Foreshore Strategy and Management Plan

Media Response 4 September 2014
South Perth Foreshore
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

What is the plan about?
The South Perth Foreshore Strategy and Management Plan (The SPF Plan) will guide the management of the foreshore into the future. It includes the improvement of public infrastructure, recreation and tourism experiences, and environmental values and management. The aim of the plan is to balance the competing demands for use, development and management of this precious regional public open space. 

The SPF Plan identifies the most appropriate combination of uses for the South Perth Foreshore, while maintaining and preserving the environmental and heritage values of the area and its surrounds. It complements the regional planning approach of the Swan River Trust as well as providing for local residents, regional users, and commercial, event, and tourism enterprises. 

The plan outlines the findings from background investigation and stakeholder engagement activities undertaken since late 2012. It prioritises the ten nodes of the foreshore, and lists strategies for the future of this significant regional reserve. It will enable the development of foreshore spaces that are accessible, activated, inclusive and well connected while being diverse and identifiable ‘nodes’ of the foreshore.

What is the importance of the plan?
Perth City’s ‘Perth Waters Riverpark’ is a circuit of parkland of more than ten kilometres including the South Perth Foreshore. It is a popular recreational area, connecting with Kings Park, Perth’s premier public open space. It will be retained as regional public open space and be developed as a world-class attraction. 

The SPF Plan will strategically and holistically guide the South Perth foreshore into the future as part of the Perth Waters Riverpark.

How does it fit into the City's vision? 
The City of South Perth commenced in 2012 a visioning process to guide future activities and development along the South Perth Foreshore in response to the City’s Strategic Plan 2013 - 2023. 

The South Perth Foreshore Strategy and Management Plan will be presented for adoption at the September Council meeting and made available on the City’s website from 5 September 2014.

Media contact

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