High-rise development in South Perth

Media Release 28 August 2014
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

Is the City aware of any more high-rise development for the suburb of South Perth on the agenda for the next 12 months?

As a result of a recent Development Assessment Panel meeting, approval was granted for a 20 storey building on the corner of Labouchere Road and Charles Street.  At this same meeting, approval was granted for a 6 storey building on the corner of Harper Terrace and Mill Point Road.

Prior to these recent decisions, approval for a 17 storey building was granted for 1 Richardson Street.  

The City has also received a development application for a 5 storey development in Stone Street and is currently in pre-application discussions with developers for a 37 storey development and a 20 storey development in the South Perth Station Precinct. This Precinct comprises of the land between Richardson and Darley Streets to the south and east, and Scott Street and Frasers Lane to the north.

What is the City’s view on an increasing amount of high rises and mixed-use developments? 

Well designed developments of exceptional architectural design quality, such as those recently approved in the Precinct, will contribute to the vibrancy and attractiveness of the area.  

Is this in the City's vision?
The South Perth Station Precinct Vision is set out in the South Perth Station Precinct Plan dated January 2011, as endorsed by Council and the Western Australian Planning Commission.  The area will be, “A vibrant attractive business location featuring a rich choice of employment, public transport options, pedestrian friendly tree-lined streets and also including reminders of South Perth’s heritage.”

In order to achieve the vision for the precinct as an urban place and to provide for the diversity and intensity of employment and residential uses that are required to create a dynamic and vibrant inner city atmosphere, significant potential heights are contemplated.

How has the current residents responded to these high-rises?
The South Perth Station Precinct has been planned and discussed with the community for the past eight years.  Residents have in the main embraced the proposed developments, with only a small number of comments received for each application from residents. 

Is there a height limit in place? 
The Town Planning Scheme has defined height limits for the Precinct.  This is also the case for some sites located along major routes.  Applications meeting performance based criteria and providing additional community benefits can result in increased height allowances.

The South Perth Station Precinct Vision is available on the City’s website under Planning.

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