Perth Bicycle Network Grants - South Perth Awarded $7,500

Media Response 20 August 2014
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

The following questions were asked in regards to a media release issued by Minister for Transport Dean Nalder titled ‘Millions injected into WA’s Bike Networks’. Details of the allocations to local governments under the State Governments latest grants program are available online at:  

South Perth will receive $7,500 for network planning. How will this be utilised?
The City of South Perth will use the funding to retain the services of an external bicycle planner.  Working with City Officers, the planner will undertake network planning for alternative modes of transport on a number of major routes, such as the Canning Bridge to Curtin University Cycle link.  The planning exercise aims to identify possible future funding requirements throughout the network. 

This recognised link is expected to carry a greater number of cyclists in future years.   Curtin University promotes cycling as a viable alternative to driving for students attending its Bentley Campus, and the number of cyclists is increasing. The route will be examined in its entirety with the goal of recommending potential future infrastructure upgrades to provide a safer environment for cyclists undertaking this journey. 

What stage is the Curtin Master Plan at?
The City is at the stage of drafting a scope of works for the Canning Bridge to Curtin University Cycle link to be included in the project. 

Media contact

For media enquiries, please contact the City’s Communications Officer.