Community Perceptions Survey 2014

Media Release 22 July 2014
In April of this year, the City of South Perth undertook a biennial Community Perceptions Survey through an independent consultant to better understand the needs of residents in the City and evaluate performance against measures of success in the Strategic Community Plan.

The survey was conducted by phone with 402 randomly selected residents from South Perth, Kensington, Como, Manning, Karawara, Salter Point and Waterford. 

Overall results that have shown 97 per cent of residents like living in the City and 88 per cent believe the City does a good job in its governance function. 

The results from the City’s survey were compared to those of 21 other local government organisations who participated in the survey, in order to compare and benchmark the City’s performance over a variety of services and facilities. 

The City’s performance in comparison to other local governments was extremely high, with the City coming in second place overall.

The results indicated the City is an industry leader across local government area in three areas, and our community says we do these very well:

Facilities, services and care available for seniors;
Street lighting; and
Parks and sporting grounds
The community acknowledged the City has significantly improved in the following areas:

Services and facilities for youth;
Street artworks and public art;
Activities for improving health and wellbeing; and 
Economic development, tourism and job creation
Whereas parking, management and control of traffic and verge-side bulk rubbish collections are areas the community felt the City needed to prioritise in the future.

Some 85% of our community favoured communications from the City’s bi-monthly newsletter, the Peninsula– an improvement of 9 per cent from the 2012 survey.

“The Community Perceptions Survey is a valuable tool to assess the needs, desires and interests of the local community; as well as how we are tracking to meet those expectations,” said Mayor Sue Doherty.

“It is a great achievement to be ranked second overall, whereas our ranking was sixth place overall in the previous biennial survey.” 

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