South Perth Foreshore 2013 and Beyond

Media Response 29 November 2013
South Perth Foreshore

At the November meeting, the City of South Perth Council gave the go ahead for the development of a strategy and management plan for the South Perth Foreshore, which incorporates Sir James Mitchell Park.

Council considered the results of the community feedback period for the South Perth Foreshore. Responses were received from the many people who use and love the South Perth Foreshore including residents, businesses and park users.

Council confirmed that no freehold or resumed land on the South Perth Foreshore would be sold, and there would be no commercial leases exceeding 21 years.

City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty stated, “No land along the foreshore will be sold, nor does the City intend to enter into any long term lease agreements for any part of it.”

The next stage of the project is to develop the final plan to guide the improvement of public infrastructure, recreation and tourism experiences along the foreshore area. The plan will encompass what the survey respondents have expressed during the community feedback period and include additional feedback presented to Council at the November meeting.

This new plan will replace the Sir James Mitchell Park Foreshore Management Plan, which dates back to 2001.

Mayor Doherty acknowledged the significance of taking the project forward.

“This is a positive step toward the development of a strategy and management plan to maintain and enhance the City’s most valuable asset, the South Perth Foreshore.”

“The decision to progress with the development of the new plan is consistent with the majority of responses from the survey, people want to see the South Perth Foreshore managed well and preserved for future use.”

“The South Perth Foreshore is a reserve of regional significance and a vital part of greater Perth. What is apparent from this recent feedback is that we all – wherever we live - consider South Perth Foreshore to be a very special public place. It is a tremendous asset to the City.”

“We can now move forward with a clear picture of what people want for the foreshore, and create a plan that ensures the amenity of the area is maintained and the longevity of the South Perth Foreshore is retained as a recreation parkland for future generations,” Mayor Doherty said.

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