Closure of Collier Park Hostel

Media Release 15 November 2013
How many people are currently housed in the hostel?
There are 35 permanent residents in the hostel.

What are the reasons for closing the hostel?
Collier Park Hostel is an ageing facility and has become out dated with the physical infrastructure not meeting the changing current needs of the community as well as the increasing compliance requirements by the government.

Originally built for people with low levels of care need, the facility is no longer able to meet the needs of people requiring higher care or experiencing mobility problems. Nor does it enable people to “age in place” – that is have their care needs met at both low and high levels.

The Council made the decision to move away from direct service delivery provided by the Collier Park Hostel, given the role and capacity of local government.  Operation of the facility is financially unsustainable in the long term, and it would bring about an unacceptable level of risk both operationally and financially in this ageing asset. 

At this point in time the Council has made no decision in relation to the Hostel site.  Any future decision would be made to meet the needs of the community and provide improved services that are more congruent with the requirements for today’s ageing community. 

Does the City feel three months is long enough to give people to move out?

If people cannot move out by February, will they have a place to stay? 

While the target closure date is the end of February, notwithstanding this, the City has entered into an arrangement with Baptistcare in accordance with the attached joint media release from Baptistcare and the City.

What are the City's plans with the hostel once vacant?

There are currently no firm plans for the site, the Council is yet to consider options for the future use of this land.

Site maintenance will continue to ensure safety of the site, Collier Park Retirement Complex and the surrounding community.

Where will people now move from the village once they need extra care?

There are a range of facilities in the vicinity which cater for people with higher care needs. 

Does the City believe there are enough spaces available in nearby hostels to take on these people?
Nearby facilities have committed to providing all assistance possible in placement of Collier Park Hostel residents.

The City have entered into an arrangement with Baptistcare to transition the closure and transfer of residents to other suitable residences.

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