City works with Baptistcare Inc for Collier Park Hostel

Media Release 15 November 2013
The City of South Perth and Baptistcare Inc. work together to support residents as the Collier Park Hostel is closed.     

The City of South Perth has accepted an invitation from Baptistcare to work with its residents and families in the Collier Park Hostel as the facility plans for its closure over the next six months.  

Baptistcare’s CEO Dr Lucy Morris said: “We are pleased to be working with the City of South Perth over the next six months to help Collier Park Hostel residents transition into alternative care arrangements, after the City announced it was closing the facility earlier this week. Baptistcare is committed to finding solutions that are meaningful and desirable for both residents and their families, and also for the City.

Baptistcare will work with the residents and their families to find the best options, taking into account their care needs and their wishes to stay in the area as a priority.

CEO Dr Lucy Morris said:  “We are very aware that these planned changes are having an impact on residents, their families and the Collier Park staff, so Baptistcare will be working to support everyone over the next few months with the City to provide a smooth transition into a range of care and living solutions”.

Baptistcare has been serving the elderly in our community in WA for over 40 years and has an excellent reputation for quality care.  It has a strong record in providing services to clients and families with dignity and compassion and it is delighted to be working with the City of South Perth to provide care for the residents of Collier Park and the community over the next six months.

Dr Morris said:   “Our commitment is to make sure the residents and families are happy and satisfied with their choices, especially during this difficult time as we manage the changes in their lives.  It is a privilege to be working with them and the City.”

Cliff Frewing, CEO City of South Perth said: “We look forward to working collaboratively with Baptistcare and its staff as it steps in to help manage the transition for our residents and families.  It is good to be able to work with a local community service provider with a strong reputation for excellence in this sector and we look forward to being able to offer a range of service choices for our local residents.” 

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