Collier Park Hostel Closure

Media Release 12 November 2013
For some time the City of South Perth has been aware changes to the Collier Park Hostel site would need to be made to provide services to responsively meet the current and future needs of the ageing population within our community.

Recognising this need, the City engaged the services of independent experts who have determined that the existing facility has become out-dated and no longer able to adequately meet both the current and future needs of members of our community. The facility is unable to cater for people with higher care needs or mobility problems, and it does not enable residents to “age in place” as their care needs increase. With this in mind, the City regrets to advise that a decision has been made to close Collier Park Hostel facility located within the Collier Park Retirement Complex, on the 28 February 2014.

It is important to understand that it is not the intention of the City to close down the Collier Park Retirement Village. The City is committed to supporting residents in the Collier Park Retirement Village and plans to improve services on the site to better meet the needs of the residents. 

City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said the decision does not reflect on the continuing high standard of care provided by staff at Collier Park Hostel for those in this facility. 

“Collier Park Hostel has been the home for many of our residents over the years.  It is acknowledged and understood the closure of this facility has been upsetting for them.  The resident’s and their family’s well-being has been, and continues to be our highest priority.  We will compassionately support and advise residents and their families throughout this process of change, assisting residents find a new home.  

“We acknowledge and thank the staff, and sincerely thank Advocare for their support in assisting residents and their families on Tuesday during this difficult time.

“The decision to close Collier Park Hostel has not been an easy one to make.  It brings closure to a long valued and utilised City facility that has been an integral part in the lives of so many in our South Perth community and to the many who have been involved in it,” said Mayor Doherty. 

Currently there are no plans for the Hostel facility and in the near future the City will consider various options for the site.

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