Traffic congestion on Labouchere and Mill Point Road

Media Response 2 May 2013

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty:

Has the City noticed increased congestion along the Mill Point freeway entrances since Mounts Bay Road, eastbound, has been reduced to one lane?
There was little change in traffic volumes along Mill Point Rd or Labouchere Rd in a comparison study conducted in October 2012 and again in March 2013. 

The data for March showed there was a small increase in the east bound traffic on Mill Point Road. Whereas the east bound traffic in Mill Point Road and south bound in Labouchere Road remains relatively free flowing. 

Has the City noticed increased congestion along the Kwinana freeway in the Como and South Perth area?
The City does not monitor the traffic along Kwinana Freeway. 

What effect does congestion have on the CIty and its residents?
The City has not received any formal complaints from residents regarding congestion along Labouchere and Mill Point Road. 

The entry to the Kwinana Freeway along both Labouchere Road and Mill Point Road can be slow and bank up during the morning peak hours with queue lengths sometimes extending well beyond the intersections.

What does the City propose to be done to ease congestion? Where does the City see as the most congested area? Why do you think this is so?
The entry point to the Kwinana Freeway at Mill Point Road and Labouchere Road remains as an area of congestion.  As previously mentioned, the City has concerns that congestion in this area will increase with the closure of Riverside Drive. 

With no north bound ramp to the Kwinana Freeway at Canning Highway additional traffic is being directed through the City. Similarly, no south bound on ramp at Manning road contributes to traffic congestion on Canning Bridge which could be avoided.

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