South Perth Foreshore

Media Response 15 March 2013
South Perth Foreshore
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty:

When does the ideas-gathering phase of the foreshore vision project end?

The community and stakeholders had until Friday 22 February 2013 to submit their comments, ideas and priorities in the initial idea-gathering phase of the project.

Instead of just "hundreds" can you tell me exactly how many ideas have been collected so far?
In addition to the comments received from stakeholder group meetings, there were 377 residents and community members who submitted comments. From these, 884 individual ideas or comments have been identified. There are many common themes and popular suggestions, plus some unique and individual ideas amongst them.

Are any of these ideas available to the newspaper- so we can help share them and generate debate?

Residents referred to "the quiet ambiance of the foreshore amongst a lively city," the beauty of wide-open spaces and views to the City; and hope for increased activity in certain areas along the foreshore.

Many people had ideas for the Coode Street section of the foreshore. The focus was on the existing picnic, barbecue and playground area, as well as building on the café, boating and river activities. There were also comments on the ‘active’ areas of Mends Street; east to the deck and the Scented Gardens play and barbecue area.

The ferry at both Mends Street and Coode Street was a popular topic, with ideas put forward for an integrated transport system of buses and CAT buses along with cycling and walking paths. The existing traffic and parking arrangements were also well covered. 

The size of the foreshore was highlighted and comments received on its ‘openness’ and potential to accommodate many different things for many people, from large civic and public spaces to intimate quiet places.

Cafes, informal dining, casual temporary markets, mobile catering and entertainment were popular ideas. Art exhibitions, sculpture walks, outdoor movies, festivals and fairs were also suggested to activate the foreshore.

Many requested further interpretation of both the historical and environmental significance of the foreshore; the market gardens, the river’s history and aboriginal history.

If the council does not endorse the final version of the vision, how much longer could the vision project potentially take beyond the May date?
It is the draft vision which Council will consider at the April 2013 meeting, for the purposes of releasing the Draft South Perth Foreshore Vision for community consultation. The results of that consultation will then inform the final Vision, which is expected to go to Council for consideration in June 2013. The final document can then be used as the basis for developing a long-term plan to revitalise the foreshore.

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