South Perth Foreshore Vision

Media Response 24 February 2013
South Perth Foreshore

Journalist's background: I just have some further questions relating to the South Perth foreshore vision.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty:

1. When will the next coffee carts be set up?
The next coffee cart chat will be on Saturday, 9 February 2013 in Sir James Mitchell Park and the Esplanade Reserve. Locations for the coffee carts are:

  • Bike shelter west of Ellam St (7-9am and 4-6pm)
  • Coode St playground (8-10am and 3.30-5.30pm)
  • Mends St jetty pavilion and beach (7.30-10am and 4-6pm)

2. Approximately how many people input ideas in the first session?
City staff spoke with hundreds of people including local residents; who mostly provided positive feedback about the foreshore, along with some suggestions and recommendations.

3. When does the city predict changes to the foreshore will be made?
The South Perth Foreshore Vision (SPF) project will guide the future direction and more detailed master and precinct planning. The City aims to table the Foreshore Vision document at the Council Meeting being held in June 2013. Once Council adopts the SPF Vision document, feasibility models will be reviewed to determine the scope of detailed precinct and master planning for future projects for the Foreshore. 

The timeframe for implementation of any projects will be subject to available budget and successful grant funding applications.

4. What would the City like to see changed at the foreshore?
Our foreshore is a landmark attraction within South Perth. With its distinctive setting and outlook across the Swan River, we have an opportunity to create a truly special place for residents and visitors. The City would like to see the area utilised better, to activate the river and make the foreshore a more dynamic and vibrant space. Coupled with passive parks and reserves, the foreshore could become a place for quiet reflection; play and exploration; live music and dancing; culture and arts. 

It is vital that residents and visitors share their vision for the South Perth foreshore so we can create a place that fulfils varied and distinctive needs. The SPF Vision will consider the perspective of all users and stakeholders, as well as the regional contribution of the area to greater Perth. 

Ideas and comments will be compiled, analysed, and collated to inform the Vision. This collaborative process is being facilitated by the City of South Perth, assisted by consultants, and through engagement with stakeholders and the community.

5. Has the city received complaints from residents or visitors saying a change is needed?
While there have not been complaints about the foreshore, its prominence as a feature of South Perth makes the South Perth foreshore a common topic of conversation among residents and visitors.

The City recognises that the existing management framework for the South Perth Foreshore (Sir James Mitchell Park Foreshore Management Plan), adopted by the City and the Swan River Trust in 2001, is now in need of review and updating. 

In addition, the City is responding to key themes and focus areas of the South Perth foreshore identified by the community in “Our Vision Ahead” plan, which informed key strategic directions of the City of South Perth Strategic Community Plan 2013-2023.

6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

The City wants to hear from everyone who has ideas about the South Perth Foreshore. Anyone who would like to join the conversation about the SPF Vision and can’t make it down for a coffee cart chat can download a postcard from the City’s website.

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