River Wall Funding Announcement

Media Release 15 February 2013
South Perth Foreshore
Journalist’s background: The questions below relate to river wall funding.
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

How much money will the City put towards the repair of the wall?

The City of South Perth is prepared to meet 50% of the cost to replace the damaged sections of the river walls.

What area/parts of the river wall will be repaired with this money?
The Liberal Party election announcement of funding for the Swan-Canning Riverpark identified the priority areas of the Mends Street Jetty foreshore to the Narrows Bridge. 

When is the repair expected to start and when will completion be expected?
The City has no information regarding the time frame on when the funding for the river walls will be available other than what was indicated in the announcement.

It is recommended by the City that as a matter of priority the walls be repaired in September 2013 when the spring tides provide the best time for construction work. 

How does the City feel about the grant?
The promise of funding is appreciated by the City and the amount allocated will enable the fenced area of walls along Mends Street foreshore area to the Narrows Bridge to be replaced. 

Additionally there are many other areas along the South Perth Foreshore in desperate need of repair and maintenance. Other immediate areas of priority include the foreshore around Ellam Street and to the west of the Narrows Bridge. 

Funding to maintain the river walls infrastructure by the State Government is grossly inadequate.  There needs to be a serious commitment for ongoing and necessary funding to maintain the Swan River wall infrastructure on an annual basis and not just at election time Adequate.

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

The City of South Perth has lobbied long and hard for state government funding to help with the repair of the river walls along Sir James Mitchell Park. 

Meetings were held back in mid 2012 with local member John McGrath MLA and Minister for Environment Bill to draw attention to the severe deterioration of the river walls along Sir James Mitchell Park.

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