Manning Community Hub Special Electors Meeting

Media Response 29 November 2012
Manning Community Hub
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty:

What is the purpose of the meeting and why was the meeting called?

A Special Electors Meeting was held on Monday 26 November in response to a petition generated by electors. The purpose of the meeting was to provide electors with the opportunity to discuss their concerns in relation to the consultation process, scale and scope of some aspects of the Manning Community Hub.

The Manning Community Hub comprises two separate components, the community centre and the future commercial area. It is proposed that the construction of these components be completed across two separate phases, with Stage 1 encompassing the community centre and Stage 2 the commercial area.

At the meeting, information was provided on both the development application for Stage 1 and the proposed town planning scheme amendment for Stage 2. Electors were given the chance to provide feedback and comment on both stages of the project.

What was the outcome of the meeting?

The motion adopted at the Special Electors meeting by residents of the area was:

“We call on the South Perth City Council to plan the entire Manning Hub Development as a single integrated design, rather than separate phases, that reflects the needs of the community expressed throughout the initial consultation process. Central to this plan must be the maintenance and enhancement of Manning Vital community values and vibrant village

Specifically the resolution we require is:
(1) Reduce the overall scale of the proposed built development;
(2) Ensure that significant open spaces are provided at the heart of the Manning Hub Development and between built facilities to promote pedestrian activity and community interaction; and
(3) Set a maximum height of 7m or 2 stories on all developments on the Manning Hub site.”

What concerns about the development has been brought to the City's attention?
The City understands that there has been some community concern about the proposed four storey building envelope for Stage 2. In addition, at the Electors Meeting, some issues were raised about elements of the proposed design of the community centre.

What is the next step in this development?
The minutes from the Special Electors Meeting will be presented to Council at the December 2012 Council Meeting.

At the February 2013 Council Meeting, Council will consider the motions adopted at the Special Electors Meeting. The Council will then decide how the project is to proceed.

Media contact

For media enquiries, please contact the City’s Communications Officer.