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Media Response 9 November 2012
Manning Community Hub

Journalist’s background: On November 5 the City posted on their website an Invitation for Comment for the Manning Community Hub. I just have a few questions.

The City said "The City acknowledges and recognises that it could have consulted to a greater extent in the later stages specifically in the planning for the Manning Community Centre Development Application"

How could the City have improved their consultation?
Why does the City think they should have had more consultation in the later stages?
Originally, did the City think their consultation was adequate?
What consultation did the City previously undertake?
Why did the City feel the need to call for consultation again? How long will the consultation stay open for?

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

The City of South Perth understands that there has been some community concern about a lack of adequate consultation on the development application of the proposed Manning Community Centre component of the Manning Community Hub development. 

While there has been considerable consultation and engagement throughout this project, the City has called for extended community consultation for the Manning Community Centre Development Application. 

A Special Electors Meeting will be held on Monday, 26 November at the Manning Hall to provide electors the opportunity to discuss and raise issues and concerns in relation to the Manning Community Hub.

Information regarding the consultation process, discussion of the proposed scale and scope and funding of the proposed Manning Community Centre development will be provided.

The Manning Community Hub project is an important $14 million civic project which will be a landmark and iconic precinct for Manning and Salter Point, as well as the broader community.

Aware of potential scale and size concerns, the City has endeavoured to design a facility that will adequately accommodate the existing facilities and community groups within the area.

This project was initiated by the City of South Perth in response to studies undertaken demonstrating that the existing community facilities were ageing and reaching the end of their useful life.

The community consultation identified an overwhelming level of positive community support for the land acquisition and land development of the Manning Community Hub.

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