Manning Community Hub

Media Response 18 October 2012
Manning Community Hub
Journalist’s background: The following questions are in relation to agenda item 10.3.2 proposed community centre.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

What community consultation has been done?

The City of South Perth has conducted extensive community consultation on various aspects of the Manning Community Facility project since October 2008.

Consultation has included a residents’ workshop to identify the need for future facilities (October 2008), a number of stakeholder reference group meetings (2009), the closure of the Bradshaw Crescent loop road (June 2010), land acquisition of a portion of Reserve 24331 (June-July 2011) and the development application for Manning Community Facility itself (July-August 2012).

In addition to formal community consultation periods, discussions with business owners, stakeholders and the Manning Community Association have been ongoing throughout the process.

The community consultation identified an overwhelming level of positive community support for the land acquisition and land development of the Manning Community Hub.

Do you think traffic volume in the surrounding area will increase? How will this effect residents and what can be/will be done to counteract this?

Bradshaw Crescent and Conochie Crescent are classified as access roads under the Main Roads Western Australia Metropolitan Functional Road Hierarchy. As such, each road is subject to a 50 km/h speed limit and maximum desirable traffic volume of 3000 vehicles per day.

The proposed Manning Hub development provides for 75 car bays at basement level, with on-street or over flow parking available on Bradshaw Crescent and Conochie Crescent. The traffic generation from the basement level car park is expected to be relatively low with Bradshaw Crescent having ample road capacity to accommodate the increased traffic volumes.

The City does not consider that the proposed development will significantly increase traffic volumes in the local area.

However, if traffic problems are encountered in the future, the City will undertake an area wide traffic study to identify a suite of traffic management measures to eliminate the identified traffic impacts. Such measures could include median islands, kerb extension and raised thresholds.

At this time, it is not the City’s intention to install traffic management in the local streets.

What benefits will the centre bring to the community?
The Manning Community Hub proposal offers many benefits to the community and seeks to create an integrated and cohesive community centre.

The proposed development builds on the already existing village atmosphere of the City bringing residents, retailers and city services together. The emphasis of development on a pedestrian-oriented precinct will have far-reaching benefits to the wider community.

The relocation of the Manning Library will bring a modern and accessible new library to the site. With the Library, a toy library, child health clinic and other services, the area will provide family orientated services in one location.

Overlooking Conochie Crescent, the new hall will provide a space for classes, meetings and events with modern facilities accessible to all groups and members of the community.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
This proposed community centre replaces a number of aging existing community facilities that are no longer adequate for their intended purposes.

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