Planning Starts for Canning Bridge Structure Plan

Media Release 20 September 2012
Canning Bridge
The Cities of South Perth and Melville will hold a Community Planning Workshop next Wednesday, 26 September 2012 where residents and community groups will participate and have their input in the development of a Structure Plan for Canning Bridge Precinct.

Last week, a Community Briefing session was held to share information with the public before any detailed planning takes place, advising them what to expect next and how to get involved in the complex process of planning.

While this is a joint project between the Cities of Melville and South Perth and the Departments of Planning and Transport, both City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey and City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty have said that community involvement in designing the Canning Bridge precinct for the future is central to creating a vibrant and exciting urban place where people can live, work and play both sustainably and in harmony.

“The community has shown a great response to the Community Planning workshop, the first of many opportunities for input, which demonstrates the great interest of the public in the development of this area,” said Mayor Aubrey.

“Community planning workshops are designed to give our residents an opportunity to tell us what they think about key planning considerations such as cycling and public transport movements, building forms and heights, environmental issues and of course social aspects of community life.

“At the session next week the community will be asked to workshop detailed responses and guidelines with the project team, so we ask everyone to come prepared to share their vision for the Canning Bridge Precinct.”

City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty acknowledged the importance of planning to ensure community expectations are met in the development of the Structure Plan.

“Planning for the future is a challenging task that is a balance between meeting the needs of existing and future residents, along with considering other issues in the precinct and evolving in a way that grows with the community of Perth,” she said.

“The development of the Canning Bridge Precinct is a gradual long term project and residents should expect to see the changes take place over a number of years. It is a priority to incorporate any feedback to ensure the development of the Canning Bridge Precinct meets our collective community aspirations for the area.”

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