Canning Bridge Precinct Vision Structure Plan

Media Response 12 September 2012
Canning Bridge
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty:

What are the City of South Perth's overall plans for the Canning Bridge precinct?

The implementation of the Canning Bridge Precinct Vision will see the area become a unique, vibrant, creative community centered on the integrated transport node of the Canning Bridge rail station.

The precinct will be recognised by its unique location, its integrated mix of office, retail, residential, recreational and cultural uses that create areas of excitement, the promotion of its local heritage and as a pedestrian friendly enclave that integrates with the regional transport networks while enhancing the natural attractions of the Swan and Canning rivers.

Why are you holding the community briefing?
The community briefing for Canning Bridge Precinct Structure Plan is being held to inform and involve the community of the next steps in the project and include community members in the development of the Activity Centre Structure Plan for the precinct.

The development of a structure plan involves the testing and review of the Precinct Vision in consultation with the community and in consideration of detailed studies in transport, urban design, infrastructure and service capacity, environment and heritage.

What do you hope to gain out of the community briefing?
The development of a structure plan for the Canning Bridge Precinct will give both Cities an opportunity to work together with the community.

The briefing session provides an opportunity for residents and interested attendees to obtain information about the process for developing a structure plan.

Members of the project team for the Canning Bridge Precinct structure plan will conduct briefings about the technical studies that will be undertaken, including transport, urban design, economic development and environmental and heritage.

What are the future short term plans (ie more briefings, plans) for the Canning Bridge precinct?

The City of South Perth and the City of Melville look forward to working with the community for development of the Structure Plan and we encourage our communities to engage in the process of developing the plan by attending the series of workshops that will be run over the coming months.

Opportunities to participate in the development of the Structure Plan, including input into urban design guidelines, are available at a workshop to be held on Wednesday, 26 September 2012, at the City of South Perth Community Hall.

Media contact

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