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Media Response 16 August 2012
Underground Power
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Deputy Mayor Kevin Trent:

Can you outline what areas of South Perth currently have or are in the process of having Underground Power and those areas that don't?

Currently, approximately 72 per cent of Western Power customers within South Perth are connected to an underground power network.

On the completion of Salter Point this will increase to approximately 76 per cent.

How long has the City been submitting cases to the Office of Energy?

Round Five of the State Underground Power lines Program (SUPP) is currently underway in Salter Point. Salter Point represents the fourth project undertaken by Western Power through the program in association with the City of South Perth. The three previous project areas are Mill Point, Como West and Como East.

The City was one of the first projects in 1998 with Como West and has had projects in funding rounds one, two, three and five.

Does the City see any particular areas of the City as a priority of Underground Power?
In round five of the SUPP, the City submitted seven projects for consideration to the Office of Energy including Salter Point, Kensington (East and West), Manning, South Perth/Hurlingham (North and South of Mill Point Road) and part of Como.

The City views the undergrounding of power lines as a city wide program and has never prioritised one area over another in the application rounds. The funding guidelines to date have required the projects to be submitted as separate projects. The criteria set by Western Power for the allocation of projects is solely operational and primarily relates to the supply reliability. The supply reliability refers to the ability of the network to accommodate new development and the age and condition of the existing overhead network to continue to provide a regular supply.

Can you tell me how many complaints the City has received from residents in regards to not having underground power?
On completion of Salter Point there will be six areas remaining with aerial conductors. These areas are Manning, the balance of Como from Thelma Street to South Terrace, two areas of Kensington and the two remaining areas of South Perth from Douglas Avenue and Canning Highway through to the River foreshore.

The number of calls received by the City and the volume of correspondence regarding the underground power program in the remaining areas with an aerial supply is very low but we understand that there is a strong desire for the underground power program to be completed throughout the City.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
The City continues to provide updates on the program through City communications. Each funding round is for a period of three years and the basis for the selection of projects.

The next funding round is expecting to be announced in late 2013 with projects identified under the program to commence in mid-2014.

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