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Media Response 16 March 2012
Journalist’s background: City of South Perth's redevelopment vision of the lucrative civic triangle site, involves the 6000sq m area bounded by Mill Point Road, Mends Street and Labouchere Road and since 1986, the City has progressively acquired land within the triangle. Some community figures are worried the historical aspect of the area may be compromised.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty:

What is the latest on this?

The City is currently considering Town Planning Scheme Amendment 25 which incorporates the Civic Triangle area. If approved, the proposed Amendment 25 would allow the City to commence work on facilitating the Civic Triangle to become one of Perth's more vibrant and exciting destinations, with a broad range of mixed use development, incorporating restaurants, cafés, shops, offices and residential.

Has the City acquired all the land? Is the land available for sale or lease?

The City over the past two decades, has progressively acquired properties within the "civic triangle" for the purpose of land consolidation and redevelopment in the form of an iconic building.

The City owns 10 out of the 12 properties within the Civic Triangle. Australia Post owns the Post Office and there is small portion of crown land adjacent to the former police station.

Will potential buildings "overwhelm" historical buildings, including the Post Office and Police Station?
The Civic Triangle is the gateway to South Perth, any developments under Amendment 25 need to be cognizant and respectful of the existing cultural heritage of the area.
Given the prominent location, the City envisages that a landmark iconic building would be developed that will attract many visitors to the Mends Street precinct creating a vibrant hub comparable to Subiaco, East Perth, West Perth and Mount Lawley.

In regards to development on and adjacent to the heritage site, Amendment 25 has been specifically drafted to ensure that places of heritage value in the precinct are retained and respected.

There is some concern over a potential loss of parking in the area. Has the City planned for this?
Any proposed development would be required to comply with the City's parking requirements.

Does the City plan to create a "Town Square" to better promote the historical area?
The City envisages a vibrant, connected and dynamic public space incorporated into the design that will be a central attraction for the South Perth community.

Should a heritage advisory committee be formed to consider how best to proceed with redeveloping the area?

The Council and the State planning authorities must first consider TPS Amendment 25.
When the City knows the outcome of that process, the City will need to determine how the land will be disposed of and what development criteria should apply. As a consequence, it is premature to consider how any proposal will be assessed.

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