Como Beach Erosion

Media Response 12 August 2011
Background: In March, the City of South Perth, Swan River Trust and Main Roads undertook a $430,000 project to protect Kwinana Freeway from erosion at Como Beach. But erosion is becoming evident in the section north of Como Beach, near Preston Street, getting close to the cyclepath and imminent to the freeway.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor James Best:

1) Has the City identified the erosion at Como Beach near Preston Street? How much of a concern is this?

There has been some erosion north of Preston Street and south of Comer Street due to persistent northwesterly storms. This is not a major concern.
2) Are there any measures in place to curb the erosion, similar to what was done in March?
The City is currently assessing the situation and will take action if considered necessary. 
3) Are there plans to establish a long-term strategy to curb foreshore erosion?
The City is working with the Swan River Trust, Main Roads WA and the Department for Environment and Conservation on a long-term plan to manage the western foreshore between the Narrows and Mount Henry bridges.
4) Is more State Government funding needed in the battle to curb erosion?

Yes – absolutely!  The City has long been an advocate for increased funding for foreshore restoration works.  A recent asset management report, prepared by a coastal engineering consultant for the City and Main Roads WA, has identified about $9.5 million of outstanding river wall works within the City’s boundaries.

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