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Media Response 18 March 2011

Background: South Perth MLA John McGrath spoke in parliament recently about light rail. He said the Department of Planning's concept plan for its proposed knowledge arc, Curtin University to UWA, is to run the light rail from Canning Bridge to Curtin, via Jackson Road and Henley Street. He is opposed to the plan and believes it should run down Manning Road.

Has the City seen the plan? Has it been consulted?
Does the City support the link through Jackson and Henley or should it be run via Manning Road?
Does the City believe the Karawara community will be against the proposal?
How important is light rail locally and for wider Perth?

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor James Best:

The City has not seen any plans but are very keen to see them. Therefore the City has not considered the proposal to open Jackson / Henley for public transport although it is aware that several State Government departments are looking at options that may involve this route.

The City has received no formal advice concerning a possible light rail route in the City but is aware of the "Knowledge Arc" concept, which connects Canning Bridge to Curtin university hrough Victoria Park and the City to the University of WA.

As with just about everything that the City does, there will be some members of the community that would support Jackson / Henley being opened (whether or not for light rail or buses) and others would be opposed. The City does not have a view regarding one route over the other (assuming there is a choice) until we are presented with the facts, data and assumptions relating to each option

The concept of light rail is strongly encouraged as it will reduce dependency on vehicle use (congestion) and it is more efficient than vehicle use (fast and frequent).

The City is awaiting the release of the State Transport Plan so that its contents can be analysed. We hope this will occur over the next two months or so.

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