Underground Power for Salter Point

Media Response 23 December 2010
Underground Power
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor James Best:

1) How important is underground power?

The City is excited that Salter Point will be receiving underground power as part of Round Five of the State Underground Power Program (SUPP). The City was one of eight local governments selected out of 89, which means we continue to show that replacing our overhead power lines with underground power delivers more reliable power supplies to residents.

The project, a partnership with the state government and Western Power, has been a terrific success for other areas of the City, delivering more reliable power, more attractive streetscapes and increased property prices.

2) How much of the City has underground power?
Presently Como East, and Como Beach, Mill Point, and about half of Civic Ward’s power lines are underground. The suburbs of Karawara and Waterford are also underground.

3) Is the City hopeful other parts of the electorate will soon benefit from underground power?
Salter Point is the fourth area in the program that will undergo this transformation and the City will continue to put forward each of its areas in future rounds. There are still another six projects left to put forward.

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