Civic Triangle

Media Response 3 December 2010
The site of the Mill Point Triangle, land bounded by Mends Street, Labouchere St and Mill Point Road, has been a long-term plan by the City of South Perth. The site is expected to generate millions of dollars for the City.

Please attribute the information below to City of South Perth Mayor, James Best:

What is the current state of the redevelopment of the triangle? Can the City provide me with a timeline of activity at the site?

Yes. The South Perth Civic Triangle is bounded by Mends Street, Labouchere Road and Mill Point Road and is comprised of ten separate lots, with the City owning all of these excepting the Post Office land. This area is a valuable asset to the City.

Since 1986, the City has been progressively acquiring land within the triangle, which has great potential for the development of a number of much needed community facilities in the City.

The redevelopment of the Civic Triangle land is dependant on the progress of the South Perth Station Precinct study, as the land is within this precinct. The study was endorsed by Council in September 2010 and the City has engaged consultants to proceed with the required Town Planning Scheme amendments which will facilitate the redevelopment.

Community consultation on the Town Planning Scheme amendments will begin in 2011. The amendment process can take between 12 and 18 months to complete.

When will it go to council? What has been the feedback from the community?
The South Perth Station Precinct Study was endorsed by Council in September 2010. The scheme amendments are anticipated to go to Council in March 2011.

The feedback from the community during the precinct study was overwhelmingly positive and the City continues to receive regular contact from owners in the precinct keen to redevelop their land. The whole community will have another opportunity to provide feedback when the amendments are advertised in the new year.

What does the City believe is the site's best asset?
The landmark site is at the ‘entrance’ to South Perth and the opportunity exists to update and develop it with excellent urban design and iconic buildings, while preserving its unique heritage characteristics.

What will happen to community groups who currently access the site?
The community groups who currently use the site are the South Perth Learning Centre, which is relocating to the new Civic Community Facility in early 2011, and the South Perth Community Kindergarten. The Kindy has recently been advised by the Department of Education that there will be provision made for four-year-old Kindy on the South Perth Primary School site from the beginning of the 2012 school year.

Will the site be leased or sold?

After carefully evaluating different options for the Civic Triangle land, Council, City Administration and external consultants determined in 2007 that a long term lease with an upfront lease payment would provide the best
outcome for the community.

What is the value of the site? Will funds from the site go towards other projects such as the Manning Community Hub?
Yes. Funds will go towards a range of other capital projects that the City has planned. The site has enormous heritage value and potential economic value.

What is the long term vision for the site? Will it be residential or a community hub?
The site is earmarked under the South Perth Station Precinct Study for mixed use development, which could include hotels, restaurants, cafes as well as office spaces and residential accommodation.

What is the size of the triangle?
The Civic Triangle site is more than 6000 square metres.

What will happen to the heritage listed police station and post office?
The City does not own the Post Office land. The former Police Station is heritage listed and will be preserved.

Development immediately abutting these buildings will be required to respect the important heritage values of the site.

What is the next step of the plan?
The next step is to formulate and advertise the Town Planning Scheme amendments which will facilitate the redevelopment of the land.

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