Old Mill Precinct Proposal

Media Response 30 September 2010
South Perth Foreshore
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor James Best:

How much is the project envisaged to cost?
What will be the timeline of the project? When will it likely start and how long will it take to finish?

The Old Mill Project is presently a concept plan which is in the very early stages of what would be a very long term vision and project that the City would undertake in partnership with considerable private and public sector involvement. Given that the project is still a concept plan, there have been no detailed costings undertaken at this stage.

The City proposes to undertake extensive community consultation through to January 2011 to gauge the community’s feelings and comments prior to progressing any part of the concept plan further.

This will include a public information day in November, letter drop to local residents and ratepayers, online forum and discussions with local business owners, stage government agencies and the broader community Due to the scale of the project, we’ll be extending the consultation period from the usual 45 days to in excess of 100 days as the City is very keen to receive feedback.

Should this project receive positive feedback and response from the community, the Council would then consider progressing this plan to a project stage, which would require extensive negotiations with State Government agencies as well as conducting an economic impact study. It is envisaged that the majority of the concept plan would be funded through external funding, with the City anticipating attracting Commonwealth and State Government funding as well as private funding.

How important is this project to the City of South Perth?
The Old Mill is an iconic, historic site of statewide significance for both the local indigenous community and European settlement. Built in 1835, it is the oldest industrial building still standing in Western Australia. The City values the site’s rich history and unique central tourist characteristics, and the project proposal aims to enhance these features, increasing appreciation of South Perth’s heritage.

The project proposal also responds to strong community interest in development of the area, as a recent community perceptions survey, conducted by market research company Catalyse, suggests – 78 per cent of local community members reported a need to restore and develop the Old Mill site.

How would the City describe the current state of the Old Mill precinct?

Although the Old Mill and its history is of statewide and regional significance the area is in need of upgrade. The City’s proposal to transform the Old Mill precinct into an exciting cultural, historical, adventure and recreational hub highlights the great potential the area has for more engagement with locals and visitors alike for generations to come.

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