Canning Bridge Precinct Update

Media Response 27 August 2010
Canning Bridge
Background: The City of South Perth held a meeting with community members in regards to issues about the Canning Bridge Precinct Plan. Of major discussion was a proposal to implement a "dog bone" type transfer station near the Freeway, north of Canning Highway as a short-term measure to alleviate traffic problems.  
Please attribute the information below to City of South Perth Mayor James Best:

1) Does the City believe this ‘dog bone’ transfer station will help alleviate traffic on Canning Highway? 

Yes. There is already severe congestion and a lot of bus station activity on Canning Bridge and this will increase over time. It is not an issue we can ignore and the City is being proactive in looking at medium and long term planning solutions for the area. The ‘dog bone’ shaped bus round-about is a medium-term solution to address bus traffic congestion on Canning Bridge, the bus station area would still divert buses to the north side of Canning Bridge and offers an alternative to the original concept, which diverted bus traffic through Cassey Street via a bus bridge. 

The alterations to the proposed bus interchange would still divert bus traffic to the north side of Canning Bridge providing a safer option for bus users, pedestrians and cars travelling over Canning Bridge. 

2) What is the current proposal of the transfer station? What's it likely cost and when would it be implemented?
3) Is it likely to impact on Cassey Street in the future? 
An element of the draft Canning Bridge Precinct Vision that received public attention was the proposed Cassey Street Bus Bridge. As a result of this feedback the City held a meeting with residents to focus on the bus bridge proposal and the amended bus interchange is a potential medium-term alternative.

4) What were the other major issues discussed at the meeting?
The meeting was held specifically to discuss some amendments to the proposed Cassey Street Bus Bridge.

5) I understand there was some sentiment in regards to a lack of community consultation. Does the City refute this?
Yes. Over the life of this project there have been a number of consultations, including a community open day in July 2008, City of South Perth workshops in August and September 2008, City of Melville community workshops in February 2009, and a formal consultation period from February to April 2010, and an open day in February 2010. 

The City encourages the community to be active in ongoing community consultation by attending workshops, forums and information sessions. Residents can keep informed on projects that are out for comment by visiting the City’s website or picking up a copy of the local paper.

6) As a whole, where is the Canning Bridge Precinct Plan at? In regards to both the short-term and long-term visioning?
The draft Canning Bridge Precinct Vision is a planning for the future initiative with a 40–50-year implementation timeframe. 

The draft vision will be presented to the September Ordinary Council Meetings of the City of South Perth Council and the City of Melville for review. 

If the draft vision is endorsed, a Memorandum of Understanding will be drafted for both Cities to sign.  A steering group will be formed and further studies such as detailed traffic studies and a parking and access study will be started.

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