Karawara Workshop

Media Response 6 May 2010
Karawara Vision
Please attribute the comments below to City of South Perth Mayor, James Best:

1) Does Karawara require a rejuvenation of the area?
It's time to review the Town Planning Scheme No.6 requirements that apply to Karawara, which was designed more than 30 years ago under ‘Radburn’ planning principles, first applied to the town of Radburn in New Jersey USA, with the aim of improving safety and community interaction.

It is important for the Planning Scheme changes to preserve the unique character and best aspects of Karawara, while addressing topics identified by residents as areas for improvement such as amenity, and increased security measures.

2) What are some of the possible ideas by the City to make the area more attractive and appealing?
The City will be led by the feedback and ideas received through community consultation.

3) Is there scope to reconfigure the area, in the bid to change the perception that the local alley ways and back streets are dangerous?

It is anticipated that the consultants working with the City will provide options for increasing and intensifying the use of the public open space which will make the areas safer and more attractive for residents.

Over the past decade some of the original ‘Radburn’ principles have been relaxed for new developments to meet the community’s shifting expectations and demographics.

There are also other physical improvements such as better lighting and upgrading of the landscaping which could be implemented through allowing small scale redevelopment to take place.

4) What is the next step? Will there be further community workshops?
No, there have been two community workshops so far, held in December 2009, and April 2010, but residents will have two more opportunities to provide feedback.

Following a second stakeholder workshop held in late April, draft final recommendations are being prepared for further public comment before consideration by Council.

If the Amendment is initiated by the Council, the endorsed draft proposals will again be advertised for public comment.

5) Does the City have a long term vision for Karawara?

The City wants to be certain that the suburb will meet community expectations and population demands well into the future. Results of the recent community survey indicate the community is actively interested
in planning for the future of Karawara with more than 18% of residents providing us with vital feedback.

More Information
For more details about the study, visit Karawara Community Vision, phone the Karawara Community Information Line on 1300 786 289 or email karawara@creatingcommunities.com.au.

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