New Recreational Pathway for Waterford

Media Release 30 April 2010
Waterford Triangle
The Hon. Maxine McKew MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, visited South Perth today to mark the official launch of a new shared-use pathway, which is constructed in the Canning River foreshore reserve between Treacy Way and the eastern boundary of Clontarf Campus in Waterford.

In 2009, the City was allocated $215, 000 from the Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program to be used for expenditure on infrastructure projects. The funds were allocated to two projects on either side of the Canning Highway, the first being the construction of a new pedestrian promenade and viewing platform at Sir James Mitchell Park and the second construction of a shared use pathway at Waterford.

The Waterford pathway upgrade cost a total of $365, 000, with $100, 000 from Infrastructure Australia, $50, 000 from the Department of Transport and $215, 000 in City funds.

South Perth Mayor, James Best said it was important for Local Governments to actively seek State and Federal support for capital projects:

“The City is delighted to have Ms McKew MP, here today to officially open this vital community project, which demonstrates how intelligently directed grant funding can be applied for maximum benefit to the community.

“Well maintained shared use pathways like this one add to the amenity of the foreshore and encourage pedestrians and cyclists to get out and about and enjoy alternate modes of transport within their local areas.

“The City is proud to present this project in partnership with the Government, we are always looking for appropriate sources of alternate funding for infrastructure projects, and this is another example of the City’s success in sensible stewardship of its financial resources.”

The pathway will ultimately link up with a pathway that will enable pedestrians and cyclists to travel right around the Canning river. The pathway currently ends at Cygnia Cove - the last subdivision of land which is located to the east of Clontarf College.

Negotiations are continuing with the developers of Cygnia Cove to build the footpath as quickly as possible to enable the newly constructed path to link up with pathways in Centennary Park, located to the east of Cygnia Cove.

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