Safety at Canning Bridge Station

Media Response 22 April 2010
Canning Bridge
I understand the Transport Minister is meeting up with members of the City of South Perth in regards to concerns from Como residents about safety issues accessing the Canning Bridge train station. The Minister and his staff may look at proposing to reconfigure the area.

1) Does the City believe accessing the station is dangerous?
2) Does the station require greater disability access?
3) Is pedestrian access from the south east direction difficult and dangerous?
4) Is the area a traffic tangle?
5) Does the City believe the area needs to be reconfigured?

Please attribute the information below to the City of South Perth Mayor, James Best:

The Canning Bridge is an important transport station which was designed as a bus and rail transfer station. It is also the junction of the Canning Highway and the Kwinana Freeway. As a consequence it is a major transport hub with high volumes of pedestrian, cycle, car, bus and train traffic passing through the intersection every day.

For pedestrians to access the transfer station, many traffic lanes need to be crossed – particularly if pedestrians are coming from the south east, if drivers and pedestrians observe the traffic lights and crossing signs, safety is less of a concern but inevitably where pedestrians and vehicles share the same place, the potential for conflict is increased.

Recommendations from a recently concluded study of the Canning Bridge Precinct propose major changes in the future to accommodate new transit oriented development initiatives.

The City of Melville and the City of South Perth, together with the Department of Planning are in the process of reviewing comments received following a community consultation exercise conducted on the results of the study. When the comments have been assessed, the agencies will be better placed to finalise a position on what measures may be needed to improve traffic flow, pedestrian safety and the bus/rail interchange.

Pedestrian safety is always a major priority for the City and we will strive to achieve the highest safety standards both now and in the future and we look forward to working with our community to obtain the best outcome.

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