Underground Power Project Completion - Como

Media Release 2 September 2009
Underground Power

The City together with Western Power this morning announced the completion of the Underground Power Project (UPP) in east Como, with the removal of the last remaining overhead power pole Clydesdale Street.

The third area of the City to be included in the State’s UP Program, the replacement of overhead powerlines is a jointly funded project between the City and the State Government through Western Power and the Office of Energy.

Western Power Project Manager, Ian Vilkson said it has been a pleasure working with the City of South Perth and its residents to deliver the Como East Underground Power Project.

"The Underground Power Program ensures a safer and more secure power supply while creating a more aesthetically pleasing streetscape for residents,” Mr Vilkson said.

“In total our crews removed 721 old poles, installed 14 new switch gear units, 14 new transformers, 522 new streetlights and connected 1,662 houses via 33 km of house service underground cable and 84 km of street services underground cable.”

The total project cost is estimated to total $14.422M, with State Government and Western Power contributing 50 per cent of the installation costs and City of South Perth Council matching the remaining 50 per cent.

East Como property owners will be levied for the costs of undergrounding the power, with a range of payment options. Charges range from $3,490 for a typical residential home down to $1025 for large strata titled properties.

City of South Perth CEO, Cliff Frewing said there had been widespread support for the project.

“Before replacement commenced in February 2008, applicable properties were surveyed and more than 86 per cent of respondents supported of the installation of underground power in the area.

“Removal of the old poles and undergrounding electricity supply offers some measurable benefits to the area such as more reliable power supplies and increases in property values.

“The project has been a success on all counts. Occupational Health and Safety, industrial, traffic management and customer satisfaction have all been priorities.

“On behalf of the City I would like to thank Western Power, Diamond Contractors, Sturton Holdings and Zerafa Holdings on completing the project on time and under budget.”

The old wooden poles that were removed are recycled for various uses such as fence palings and fire wood.

Fast Facts
• Underground Power Project in Como East:
• Commenced February 2008
• Competed August 2009
• 25.2 km street frontage cabling undergrounded
• 84km of street services underground cable
• 33km house service underground cable
• 1662 house service connections
• 522 new street lights
• 14 new transformers
• 14 switchgear units
• Removal of 721 old poles.

Media contact

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