Restoration of the Old Mill

Media Response 2 November 2007
South Perth Foreshore

Please attribute the below information to City Mayor James Best
The Old Mill and its adjacent cottage are some of the oldest surviving colonial structures in Perth, having been established in 1835. Over the years the Old Mill has been used as a working mill, been privately owned, and even operated as a ‘folk museum’ before it was vested in the City of South Perth in 1994.

For much of the 20th century there was little appreciation of its significance and its historic
buildings have endured periods of neglect and the threat of demolition to re-emerge in more recent years as symbols of our past and a distinctive part of South Perth’s identity.
The buildings have unfortunately been allowed to deteriorate over the years due to the
considerable costs involved in their repair and maintenance.

It is encouraging to hear a proposal, such as the one announced today, which seeks to allocate Federal funding towards the Old Mill’s repair and restoration. This City has a strong commitment to cultural development and preservation, and the restoration of this heritage icon would help to attract visitors and volunteers to the City’s heritage tourist precinct.

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