Landmark Decision Made on Civic Triangle

Media Release 2 March 2007
In a move that will secure substantial funding for community projects, the South Perth Council reached a decision on Tuesday 27 February 2007, supporting a recommendation to lease out the iconic Civic Triangle site.

After carefully evaluating a number of options for the Civic Triangle land, Council, City
administration and external consultants determined that a long term lease with an upfront lease payment would provide the most advantageous outcome for the community.
The South Perth Civic Triangle is bounded by Mends Street, Labouchere Road and Mill Point Road and is comprised of ten separate lots, with the City owning all of these excepting the Post Office land.

The City has progressively acquired the Civic Triangle land since 1986, with Council more
recently recognising the land asset’s potential to enable the development of a number of
important and much needed community facilities in the City - most of the acquisitions were
completed in October 1997, with the Police Station later acquired in May 2004.

The inclusion of expected proceeds from the Civic Triangle site in the current Strategic Financial Plan is integral to the City’s proposed capital program during this time and several significant community facilities, which have the potential to deliver great social benefit to South Perth residents, will be able to progress thanks to the funding generated through the leasing of the site.

The finalisation of the Civic Triangle strategy at this point in time is beneficial not only in terms of the income to be made with current market conditions but is also complementary to other initiatives within the City, such as the proposed South Perth train station precinct plan and Town Planning Scheme review.

The decision to leverage such funding for community projects through a long term lease whilst retaining ownership of the Civic Triangle is in line with the City’s Financial Viability and Environmental Management goals, and by retaining control of the site whilst providing
significant funding towards community initiatives the Council is demonstrating its responsible stewardship of the City’s major strategic financial assets.

City Mayor John Collins said that a series of Council briefings were held on subject of the Civic Triangle land in 2006, in addition to earlier reviews, to enable Council’s consideration of a strategy for the site and a range of economic, social and environmental criteria were used to inform decisions regarding its future uses.

“These have culminated in the reaching of a milestone decision, which will provide the funding for City assets that will be necessary for the years to come to accommodate the ever changing needs of the City and its community,” he said.

“This is a forward thinking decision that illustrates the excellent collaborative teamwork of the Council and City administration, and we will continue to ensure that all significant developments conform with and enhance future plans for the City.”

In future months Council will consider the proposed development guidelines and other relevant conditions concerning the leasing, with public consultation to be undertaken on the matter. Additionally, an indicative timetable will be prepared for the proposed Town Planning Scheme review associated with the South Perth train station precinct to demonstrate its compatibility with future development proposals for the site.

The heritage building of the former Police Station will remain protected and be integrated with development proposals for the Civic Triangle site.

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