Damage to River Walls

Media Response 3 January 2007
South Perth Foreshore
Background: A resident has raised concerns about the further damage which has been caused to it. Mr John McGrath MLA raised the issue in Parliament regarding South Perth Council needing to pay 50% of the maintenance of the river walls for damage caused by boats. Is there any comment on this?

Please attribute the below information to City CEO Cliff Frewing

The City is mindful of the importance of maintaining the river walls to an acceptable standard and is very concerned at the lack of funds being allocated by the State Government to enhance and maintain the walls to a satisfactory condition.

Please attribute the below information to City Mayor John Collins

The City maintains its position that the river walls are the responsibility of the Swan River Trust, however legislation was passed by the State Government allocating a fifty-fifty maintenance contribution by both the Trust and the City of South Perth. Mr John McGrath MLA had been pursuing the City’s standpoint in this matter.

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