Old Mill Fund

Media Response 23 August 2006
South Perth Foreshore

Please attribute the below information to the City’s CEO Cliff Frewing unless otherwise specified.

The City’s Mayor John Collins said the Council, at the August Ordinary Council Meeting, made it clear that, while its priorities included the ongoing maintenance of the Old Mill site, they did not involve establishing a conditional trust fund account for the purpose of restoring the Old Mill and its precinct.

“The Council does welcome, however, any unconditional contributions that would set up a foundation for future donations to the maintenance and upgrading of the City’s Heritage assets,” he said.

1) What was the main issue the Council had in accepting the offer from Lloyd Collins to provide a trust fund to restore the Old Mill?
Its conditional obligations.

2) Are there any plans to work with Lloyd Collins further to develop a different proposal for the Old Mill's restoration or would he need to re-apply with a different proposal?
There are no plans to work with any party at this time to restore the Old Mill.

3) Are there any other immediate plans to improve/restore the Old Mill?

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