Early Construction on South Perth Train Station will Have to Wait

Media Release 15 September 2005
South Perth Station Precinct

The City of South Perth recently wrote the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Alanna MacTeirnan, in relation to Southern Suburbs Railway Kwinana Freeway realignment works, near Richardson Street.

The South Perth Railway Station is proposed to be located within the Freeway reserve, opposite to Richardson Street.

The City’s CEO, Cliff Frewing, strongly urged the State Government to include the proposed South Perth Train Station’s foundation and platform construction with the other ongoing Southern Suburbs Railway works.

“In order to minimise long-term costs for the community as a whole, we urged the Minister to construct the foundation and platform for the Station at the same time as other construction works are occurring,” said the City’s Mayor John Collins.

To accommodate the proposed Station, New MetroRail is undertaking works to realign and shift the south-bound Freeway lanes eastwards – relocating water, gas and telecommunications services into the Melville Parade reserve.

While the City believed it was logical to construct the Station and platform walls at the same time as the Railway and realignment works, the Minister stated that an additional $2 million in State Government funding was not currently available for the platform walls and footings construction.

In response to the City, the Minister said that any change to include platform walls and footings in the works would cause significant re-design costs and project delays - with design work for the Railway and signalling already completed.

“Constructing major foundations for the Station after the Railway line is operational, will mea that the New Metro Rail will have to carry out the complex task of constructing within the rail corridor (in a six lane freeway) - resulting in a significantly greater cost for over-all Station works,” said Mayor Collins.

The Minster responded by saying the additional cost to construct the platforms for the proposed South Perth Train Station, after the Southern Suburbs Railway is operational, will not be significant.

The South Perth Train Station is due to be constructed and opened in 2010.

“Once the Train Station is opened, all residents and professionals in the area will reap the benefits of convenient access to additional public transport - a plus for all,” said Mayor Collins.

“In addition, by implementing a Train Station, the City will attract even more visitors and
residents to work and reside in the beautiful area - boosting our economy.”

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