Hurlingham project area

Map of the Collier underground power area

In January 2017, it was announced that funding had been secured for an additional three State Underground Power Projects (SUPP) in the City of South Perth - Manning, Collier and South Perth. 

The area known as Hurlingham, which is bounded by Ellam Street, Douglas Avenue and Mill Point Road does not meet the SUPP criteria and would not qualify for underground power as part of the SUPP program.

The City was successful in seeking approval for the area to be included with the South Perth project as a Retrospective Underground Power Project (RUP) to benefit from the economies of scale of being part of the bigger project area.

Property owners in this area will be surveyed to confirm their acceptance of underground power once cost estimates have been received from western Power. More details about this project will be available soon.

What you can expect 

Western Power's project contractor for the area will issue letters of advice to each property at the various stages of the project as outlined below. Timing and further details of each stage will be updated here as and when the information becomes available. Residents will also receive advice notices throughout the construction activities.

Stage 1 - Property Services Installation

Stage 2 - Street Services Installation

Stage 3 - Changeover 

Stage 4 – Removal of poles and wires

Work on this project is expected to take approximately 12-15 months.

Project cost

Payment details and the repayment structure will be considered as part of the 2021/22 budget process.

Find out more

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of this page to find out more about the State Underground Power Project.

Who to contact

For any project repairs or reinstatements enquiries please contact Diamond Underground Services on 1300 064 710 or email

For other project enquiries please visit the Western Power website or call them on 13 10 87.