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2018-19 rate notices were sent out to ratepayers in late July 2018. 

Ratepayers are offered a choice to pay rates in either one, two or four instalments. To qualify for the instalment option, any arrears, plus the full amount of the first instalment must have been paid by 22 August 2018. Payment is now due in full if you haven't already commenced your instalment plan.

Pay in full

Please contact the Customer Focus Team on 9474 0777 prior to making payment to obtain your outstanding balance.

Pay in two instalments

This option is no longer available for the 2018-19 rating period.

Pay in four instalments

Instalment 1 due 22 August 2018
Instalment 2 due 8 November 2018
Instalment 3 due 9 January 2019
Instalment 4 due 15 March 2019

Ratepayers may choose to pay their rates in four instalments.

To be eligible for this option you must have paid the first instalment by the due date (22 August 2018).

This option includes an administration charge of $30 ($10 each for payments 2, 3 and 4) and an interest charge calculated at 5.5 per cent per annum (excluding pensioners and seniors with rebated rates).

NOTE: Payments not made by the due date (22 August 2018) will attract a late payment interest charge of 11 per cent per annum.

Pay by special arrangement

The City of South Perth understands that sometimes people experience financial hardship which makes it difficult to meet all financial commitments when they are due. We are happy to work with you to develop a mutually acceptable payment arrangement.

Please contact the City's Rates Officers on 9474 0777 to discuss your options. You will be asked to complete a Rates Payment Arrangement Application and submit this to the City before the special arrangement can be approved.

Please note that this option will also incur an Administration Fee of $31.00

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Find out more about your rate charges, calculation methods and concession rates.

Alternative payment methods

Post Billpay

Jul 12, 2016, 15:16 PM
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Pay by telephone via Post Billpay by calling 13 18 16.