Canning Highway

Canning Highway is a key transport and urban corridor within the City of South Perth. The area adjacent to the highway is diverse, with a range of housing types and non-residential land uses.

The Canning Highway project is an ongoing series of studies to understand the area and plan for the future. The City’s draft Local Housing Strategy (2011) first identified challenges for the City between managing high density development along Canning Highway and the adjacent low density residential areas.

The purpose of the Canning Highway project is to articulate a desirable future character for Canning Highway and the adjacent areas.


  • To provide clear guidance for future development situated on or adjacent to Canning Highway
  • To recommend changes to the City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 6 to facilitate desirable built form outcomes
  • To recommend appropriate dwelling types and building heights for the area
  • To facilitate a harmonious transition of density and built form from Canning Highway to the lower density suburban areas
  • To protect the amenity of the existing residential areas, both within and adjacent to the study area
  • To facilitate an appropriate interface between residential and non-residential uses.

Project stages

The Canning Highway project will has delivered to date through the following stages:

Canning Highway Stage 1 – whole of highway

The City completed a study into the potential for medium density development adjacent to Canning Highway in 2016. This included extensive community consultation and the report provides recommendations for the further detailed planning of the area.

    Canning Highway Stage 2 – Berwick St to Douglas Ave

    The City completed a study into the existing and desired future character of the Kensington/South Perth sections of Canning Highway, between Berwick St and Douglas Ave.

    The City is now preparing an access study and drafting a Town Planning Scheme amendment and associated Local Planning Policy based on the report recommendations. These documents will be advertised for community comment.

    Future projects

    Future projects to implement the recommendations of stage one will be undertaken subject to City resources.