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Water Corporation replacing pipes in South Perth

News Update 23 June 2017

Water Corporation will be replacing the water main pipes on Mill Point Rd and Labouchere Rd over the coming weeks. This work will ensure a reliable water supply into the future.​

Notice of approved Town Planning Scheme No. 6 Amendment No. 52

Public Notice 20 June 2017

The Minister for Planning has approved the City's Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 52 on 26 May 2017.

Southern hemisphere’s most advanced recycling facility opens

Media Release 19 June 2017

Recycling collected in residents' yellow top bins will be processed in the southern hemisphere’s most advanced recycling facility.

Southcare calls for volunteers

News Update 19 June 2017

Give back to your community and make a friend. Southcare is calling for volunteers to participate in the their Community Visitor Scheme.

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