Words with Music - Freo Groove

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    2 August 2018
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    6.30 - 7.30PM
  • Location LOCATION
    Manning Library
    2 Conochie Cres, Manning
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    Free, booking essential
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    City of South Perth Libraries

What do Norm Wrightson, Jon Butler, Eskimo Joe and Stella Donnelly have in common, besides the fact that they are musicians? 

They all came out of Fremantle. 

What is it about Freo that encourages the arts? Why have so many musicians honed their craft and found their voice in the port city?

Join authors Bill Lawrie and Claire Moodie as they play some Freo Groove music and talk about the music scene and musicians of Fremantle. 

Freo Groove is a window into the world of Fremantle musicians and the vibrant musical culture that has built up over generations.

Twenty-nine portraits tell the story of Fremantle’s rich music scene and its long history, going right back to the Norm Wrightson Orchestra in the late 1940s, through Wayne Green’s chilling accounts of brawling, west-end dives in the early seventies, to the free and easy musical boom during the Americas Cup days, and finally to the fierce competition for gigs in the present day.

Manning Library

2 Conochie Cres, Manning