Business Beyond: How to Forward Plan Your Own Annual Marketing Calendar for 2018

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  • Date DATE
    5 December 2017
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  • Time TIME
    9.30AM - 12PM
  • Location LOCATION
    Civic Centre Reception Room
    Cnr Sandgate St and South Tce, South Perth
  • Cost COST
    $55 for workshop, $110 workshop plus mentoring
  • Hosted by HOSTED BY
    Business Foundations

Work up an annual calendar to future-proof the peaks and troughs. You will stop wishing you had put some extra marketing in place and avoid the stress of “late night/last minute” marketing when you are busy. 

A marketing calendar is a tool that helps you stay on track towards your sales/business goals. With some thought you can take the stress out of organising your sales and marketing activities by preparing a process to drip-feed it throughout the coming year. 

This is the one thing that makes a huge difference to your stress levels in frantically busy times and smooths out the quiet times for you too. 

In this workshop we will cover:

  • How to work out how much time you actually have available to plan
  • How to smooth out the peaks and troughs of sales and marketing in your business
  • Together we will discuss the uses of each calendar and then you can create only the calendars that most suit your business. eg: Incorporating the calendar/s that work for you, we will plot and draft up your marketing for the year ahead and your loose dated action plan to make it happen.
  • An event/promotional calendar
  • A merchandising/sales calendar
  • A content marketing calendar
  • An editorial calendar
  • A media calendar
  • A social media calendar

Bring with you: 

  • Any dates you are already planning to work with for 2018
  • Your 2017 diary if it helps you think about what to repeat/improve in 2018

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