Former Manning Library EOI

Community lease of former Manning Library building

The City of South Perth is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from suitably qualified and experienced parties for the leasing of the former Manning Library building, situated at the George Burnett Recreation Precinct, on the corner of Manning Road and Goss Avenue, Karawara.

The City will consider all possible uses for the former Manning Library during the EOI process in line with the Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027 and zoning of the land for the purpose of Community, Parks and Recreation. This includes potential and innovative sharing arrangements, community usage, environmental groups, arts and cultural usage and not for profit. 

Expressions of Interest will need to be cognisant of the location and the City’s commitment to facilitate the provision of a range of services and opportunities for the City of South Perth community.


The City of South Perth purpose built the community building for the purposes of a Library in 1964. Officially named the Walter Murdoch Library - Manning Branch, it was in operation up until February 2017 when the new Manning Library opened as part of the Manning Community Hub adjacent to James Miller Oval.

With the relocation of the library collection to the new Hub, there is now an opportunity for the leasing of the former Manning Library to a suitable use.

The City is seeking Expressions of Interest in order to:
Establish the level of leasing interest
Understand how interested parties may propose to use the building
Assess the potential financial returns to the City from use of the building.
Receive comparable information from interested parties in order to fairly assess the suitability of possible leasing proposals.

The City is proposing to lease the former Manning Library on an ‘as is’ basis. Inspection of the building during the Expression of Interest process will occur at 2pm on Thursday 9 November and 2pm on Thursday 16 November 2017.

As a guide, the City is proposing a leasing period of approximately 5 years, which will be dependent on the proposal and contribution to complementary functionality of the surrounding precinct. Joint submissions from complementary parties for shared use will be considered, as will sub-lease proposals. Alternative leasing periods shall also be considered.

Details of premises

The site sits within the George Burnett Recreation Precinct (GBR Precinct), located off Manning Road in Karawara within the City of South Perth. The site is reserved under the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) and classified as ‘Parks and recreation’ reserve.

The Precinct, largely occupied by a park area, caters for a variety of both structured and unstructured sports and community recreation activities, and includes built and natural features, including a leisure centre and remnant bushlands. Currently, the City is in the process of developing a Master Plan for the entire Precinct (including future long term use for the former Manning Library), to redevelop the George Burnett Leisure Centre and adjacent Recreation Precinct to facilitate sporting and community needs of the City of South Perth community in a coordinated approach.

Council objectives

The City will consider all possible uses for the former Manning Library that are complementary to the wider Precinct and area.  The City will need to be satisfied that the building is maximised to the best possible benefit for the City, ensuring there is minimal opportunity cost or loss of financial return to ratepayers.   

Expression of Interest (EOI) process

Expressions of Interest are required to outline their vision and proposed operation for the former Manning Library in detail and address how their proposal shall address the following key Council objective:

Ensure that the use complements the GBR Precinct and aligns with the Strategic Community Plan and vision of the City to create active places and beautiful spaces for a connected community with easily accessible, vibrant neighbourhoods and a unique, sustainable environment.

The City has detailed the following selection criteria (and weighting) to assess how proposals meet this objective.

Demonstrated Understanding 50%:   

Applicants should detail for what purposes they intend to use the building (in a leasing capacity) to align with the Strategic Community

Plan and vision for the wider GBLR Precinct. Specifically, they should demonstrate how the usage:

  • aligns with community strategic priorities and objectives of the City as relevant
  • complements and contributes to the recreational and social development of the Precinct
  • is a key attractor for visitors by activating the vibrancy of the Precinct.

Methodology 10%: 

Applicants should detail how they propose to engage the community and market the proposed use to the public. This will include days of operation per week, and also outline the level of capital expenditure proposed (if intended) for the building.

Relevant Experience 20%:

Applicants should demonstrate relevant experience in providing the same or similar services to local government or the private sector over recent years. Past experience in operating a venue such as the former Manning Library should also be outlined.

Key Personnel, Skills & Resources 10%:   

Applications should outline their capacity to deliver the services including key personnel / professional skills.  Descriptions should be provided as to the key personnel who will be involved, including past work of a similar nature.

Viability 10%:  

Applicants should detail what financial return they shall provide to the City during the lease, and over what period of time they anticipate the lease to extend.  Ongoing financial viability and capacity should also be demonstrated.

Evaluation process

The City will use the above selection criteria for evaluating each EOI proposal. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any EOI.

The City reserves the right to assess the merit of each EOI by taking into account any matter, fact or circumstance which the City may deem appropriate, in its absolute discretion.

The City is not under any obligation to provide a respondent with a further opportunity to respond to the invitation for EOI.

The City reserves the right to offer a lease term period cognisant of the value of the capital expenditure proposed by the prospective lessee.

The submission of an EOI does not give rise to any contract during the EOI process.

The City reserves the right to terminate the EOI process at any time.

All EOIs shall be treated as confidential between the City and the Applicant.

This call of EOIs is the first stage in a three stage process:

Stage One

The first stage involves the calling of non-binding EOI. The City will assess all proposals received, based on the criteria outlined in this document. Following this process, the City will determine which, if any, of the proposals are to be invited to progress to the next stage.

Stage Two

The City will call for detailed and binding leasing proposals from those shortlisted during Stage One. This will be by invitation only. The City will assess and determine which, if any, proposal to accept. The Local Government Act 1995 prescribes that the disposal of local government property (including by way of lease) is required to be advertised for public comment. The City will undertake a statutory period of advertising (minimum period of 14 days) and must consider any submissions made with respect to this matter before it is able to enter into any legal agreement with the preferred party.

Stage Three

The parties will enter into a lease based on the terms and conditions outlined in the EOI proposal.

General information

Persons interested in submitting an EOI are prohibited from soliciting support or influence from Councillors or Officers during this process.

The City’s Code of Conduct applies. If the Bidder, whether personally or by an agent, canvasses any of the Principal’s or Councillors or Officers (as the case may be) with a view to influencing the acceptance of any EOI made by it or any other Bidder, then regardless of such canvassing having any influence on the acceptance of such EOI, the Principal may at its absolute discretion omit the Bidder from consideration.

Lodgement of tenders and delivery method

The EOI must be lodged by the deadline. The deadline for this request is 2pm (AWST), Tuesday 21 November 2017.

The EOI is to be lodged electronically through the City's Tenderlink website.

Mailed, electronic mailed submissions, hand delivered and EOIs submitted by facsimile or telephone will not be accepted. 

Applicants must ensure that all submission files are clearly named with: EOI 2/2017 and [insert applicant’s name]

The Principal’s preferred format for the EOI documents are to be submitted via upload of completed Word Template addressing the selection criteria (available for download from Tenderlink). Upon registering, Tenderlink will facilitate updates to documentation (if required) and provides a transparent forum for the City to provide responses to queries regarding the EOI.  

Any brochures, pamphlets or other supporting documentation shall be included either in the same file or a separate file. If in a separate file; such documentation shall be fully cross referenced to the appropriate section of the submission. All pages must be numbered consecutively and the EOI must include an index.

Where Applicants lodge more than one (1) submission for an EOI, the EOI documents and electronic files shall be clearly labelled and named to identify whether the submission: 
a) Supersedes a previously lodged tender;
b) Is an alternative; or
c) Is additional to a previously lodged tender.