Liquor Licencing

A liquor licence from the Racing, Gaming and Liquor is required to be obtained for the sale of liquor from a premises. Prior to submitting an application for a Liquor Licence for a premises located in the city, the applicant must seek a Section 39 (Certificate of Local Health Authority) and/or Section 40 (Certificate of Local Planning Authority) from the City of South Perth.

Section 39 and 40 Certificates apply to:

  • The granting or removal of a licence
  • The altering or redefinition of a venue including renovations
  • An application for an alfresco area
  • Applications for ‘liquor without a meal’ permits.

Section 39 (Certificate of Local Health Authority) 

A Section 39 Certificate is required to state whether or not the premises complies with all relevant requirements of the Health Act 1911, the Food Act 2008, the Local Government Act 1995, the Building Act 2011 and any written law applying to the sewerage or drainage of those premises.

Section 40 (Certificate of Local Planning Authority) 

A Section 40 Certificate is required to state that the proposed use of the premises is consistent with the current planning approval affecting that property. If the proposal is inconsistent with the existing planning approval, the City will only be able to issue a conditional Section 40 Certificate or alternatively, the applicant will be advised to obtain planning approval for a Change of Use before the Section 40 certificate can be issued.

Occasional Liquor Licence

If you want to sell liquor at a gathering, occasion or event including a sporting contest, exhibition or trade fair, you can apply for an Occasional Liquor Licence. For further information regarding an Occasional Liquor Licence please contact the Racing, Gaming and Liquor.

Please note that fees apply for all liquor license applications.

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