Planning Strategies

The City has been working on a number of strategic projects to guide development throughout the City into the future.

The strategies are being developed based on the community aspirations identified through the City’s most recent visioning process and in response to the City's expected growth under the State Government's strategic planning document Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million.

Extensive community engagement will occur through the development of these strategies prior to their adoption by the Council of the City of South Perth.

Local Planning Strategy

The Local Planning Strategy will set out the City’s objectives for future planning and development and a broad framework by which to pursue those objectives. The strategy will need to address the social, environmental, resource management and economic factors that affect, and are in turn affected by, land use and development. The Local Planning Strategy will include chapters on housing, activity centres, traffic and transport, sustainability and climate change, and public open space.

The draft Local Planning Strategy will be formally endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission before it is advertised for public comment. The process for preparing a Local Planning Strategy, including community consultation, is set by the State Government.

More information is available on the Department of Planning website.

Local Housing Strategy

The Draft Local Housing Strategy aims to encourage, facilitate and emphasise housing development within the City. In November 2012, the Council resolved to proceed with a number of actions set out in the draft Local Housing Strategy and to engage with those residents directly affected by each of the proposed actions.

The Local Housing Strategy will be finalised as part of the Local Planning Strategy.

Local Commercial Strategy

Local Commercial Strategies are required by the Western Australian Planning Commission as an important component of any review of a local government Town Planning Scheme. Alternatively the Western Australian Planning Commission may require the preparation of a Local Commercial Strategy where the development of a major commercial project, which is outside the scope of any existing adopted strategies or the Town Planning Scheme, is proposed.

The City’s current Local Commercial Strategy was adopted by Council in 2004.

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