Planning Strategies

This City is working on a number of strategic planning projects to guide development throughout the City into the future.

The projects are being developed based on community aspirations and in response to the City's expected growth under the State Government's strategic planning document Perth and Peel@3.5 Million.

Extensive community engagement will occur through the development of these strategies prior to their adoption by Council.

Local Planning Strategy

A Local Planning Strategy provides the overarching guidance for managing population growth and the development of a local government over a 10 to 15 year time frame. 

The City has recently consulted with the community on the key planning priorities and the outcomes of the consultation will be used to inform the Strategy.  

The Strategy will address the social, environmental, resource management and economic factors that affect, and are affected by, land use and development. It will include sections on housing, activity centres, traffic and transport, sustainability and climate change, and public open space.

Draft Local Planning Strategy progress

The draft Local Planning Strategy will be formally endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission before it is advertised for public comment. The process for preparing a Local Planning Strategy, including community consultation, is set by the State Government.

At its August 2018 meeting, Council resolved to defer the decision to forward the draft Local Planning Strategy to the WA Planning Commission for consent to formally advertise the document. Minutes of the meeting, including the reasons for deferring the matter are available on the Council Meetings page.

More information on the consultation to date is available at Please sign up for the City's eNewsletter to be kept informed of the progress of this project. 

Local Housing Strategy

The Draft Local Housing Strategy aims to encourage, facilitate and emphasise housing development within the City. The Local Housing Strategy will be finalised as part of the Local Planning Strategy.

Local Commercial Strategy

Local Commercial Strategies are required by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) as an important component of any review of a local government Town Planning Scheme. Alternatively the WAPC may require the preparation of a Local Commercial Strategy where the development of a major commercial project, which is outside the scope of any existing adopted strategies or the Town Planning Scheme, is proposed.

The City’s current Local Commercial Strategy was adopted by Council in 2004.

Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan

The precinct surrounding the Canning Bridge will be revitalised with a mix of office, retail, residential, recreational and cultural uses, maximising opportunities offered by its unique ‘transport hub’ location.

The Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan (CBACP) has been adopted by the City of South Perth and will guide development in the precinct surrounding the Canning Bridge Station, on both sides of the Canning Bridge. The precinct extends for an 800 metre radius around the station, representing a ten-minute walk or a two-minute cycling distance.

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