South Perth Activity Centre Plan

The City is developing a South Perth Activity Centre Plan to set out the long term strategic vision and the statutory planning requirements for development in the area over the next 10 years.

An Activity Centre Plan is a detailed planning framework intended to shape and guide the development of an area. It accommodates projected and required growth to ensure a functioning, sustainable and viable activity centre.

The South Perth Activity Centre Plan will set out the strategic vision and statutory planning requirements for development within the area that stretches from the tip of South Perth Peninsula to Richardson Park and the Zoo. This area covers approximately 100 hectares, with a current population of 2,675 people.

The Activity Centre Plan will provide:

  • A robust planning framework to manage development that accommodates forecast and required population and activity growth
  • Guidance to improve movement, connectivity, streetscapes and public open space within and around the centre

The Plan will take a holistic, long term approach that can be updated over time to respond to issues and community aspirations.

South Perth Activity Centre Plan project timeline

Milestone Status 
South Perth Peninsula Place & Design Report preparedMay 2017
Council resolves to prepare an activity centre plan June 2017
Draft ACP and amendment for approved by Council for public advertisingest Oct 2018
Draft ACP and amendment referred to Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for approval to commence public advertising 
Following WAPC approval, the draft ACP and amendment will be advertised for public comment for a minimum of 60 days 
Draft ACP and amendment modified as required in response to any feedback received 
ACP and amendment approved by Council 
ACP and amendment, including modifications, referred to the WAPC for approval and recommendation to the Minister for Planning regarding the amendment 

Minister for Planning decides to either: approve the amendment; modify the amendment; or refuse to approve the amendment

If approved by the Minister for Planning, amendment becomes part of the City of South Perth Town Planning Scheme No. 6 

The City’s vision for the South Perth Activity Centre was developed through the South Perth Peninsula Place & Design project in 2017:

A distinctive inner city activity centre, tourism destination and residential neighbourhood that is shaped by its connection to nature, unique assets, distinctive buildings, and future-forward approaches to sustainable living. Its lively centre and pedestrian friendly tree-lined streets connect locals and visitors to its diverse businesses, transport nodes and local heritage.

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