Community Research

Every two years, the City conducts a community survey to evaluate and monitor its performance across a range of services and facilities. The purpose of the survey is to better understand the needs of residents living in the City and to evaluate community perceptions against key performance indicators in the Strategic Community Plan.

CATALYSE, a Perth-based professional market research consultancy, has undertaken all of the City’s community surveys to date. This has enabled the City to acquire professional and unbiased research into the community’s perceptions of its performance in delivering services and facilities.

Community consultation is playing an increasingly important role in local government activities and in addition, there is a heightened awareness of the need to respond to community expectations especially in regard to service delivery.

With the growing emphasis on benchmarking and best practice within the local government sector, CATALYSE provides a syndicate service, allowing the City to compare its results with other Western Australian local governments to determine best practice standards.

Objectives of the research

The primary objectives for the City to conduct this research are to identify:

  • The level of overall satisfaction with the City
  • The community’s satisfaction with the City’s performance in delivering various services and facilities
  • The perceived level of importance for the various services and facilities provided by the City
  • The performance ‘gaps’ that exist with the services and facilities, provided in context with the level of perceived importance
  • How people source information relating to the City’s activities, services and facilities
  • The preferred methods for conducting community consultation
  • How perceptions vary in the community, based on respondent demographics.

Past research reports